11 seconds of fame – better than nothing

Doug dung beetle and his dung ballI was very excited to discover that the dung beetle stars in the preview of David Attenborough’s latest DVD – Africa.

Only 11 seconds of fame (starts at 25s and stops with a bump at 36s), but of all the animals in Africa, David chose us, the mighty dung beetle, to lead the pack!

We bought the DVD and watched it the other day. Absolutely amazing photography and I particularly like the ‘behind the scenes’ at the end of each episode. It shows just how hard the camera crew work in making a documentary like this. It also shows how hard us dung beetles work at rolling (check out episode 5).


I’ve got the dung beetle blues

Well, not me personally, I’m a rather happy dung beetle, especially now that all my dung needs are more than catered for, since Marti’s backyard is full of golden retriever dung.

But, I digress, this poor fellow dung beetle hasn’t yet discovered that round dung balls are better for rolling when compared with cube shaped dung balls.

Watch this 5 minute Minuscule animation called Dung Beetle Blues to see how tough life can be when all you have is a cubed dung ‘ball’